Transportation to Strip Clubs

With the abundant amount of strip clubs available in Chicago, sometimes it's impossible to spend a night as just one. Each offer their own take on beauty, some with a wider variation of girls than others, but no matter where you wind up, you always feel like there could be better somewhere else. When you're suck in a strip club rut and can't help but feel the need to club hop, you don't want to also have to worry about keeping your alcohol level at a minimum - it is, of course, better to be a little loose when ogling. In this scenario, you can take comfort in knowing that Ambassador can offer limo transfer services and strip club packages that wil put you on top of the world.

If you frequent strip clubs, chances are you've witnessed a limousine pull up to a high-end establishment. As you waited for royalty or a celebrity to step out, you can't help but feel disappointment and self-pity as a couple of average Joe's sumble out of the classic vehicle and straight into the club. If the question of "how did they do that?" ever crossed your mind, you can rely on Ambassador to arrange the same set-up for you and any number of guests you wish to have tag along.

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